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Faux food and how it can be used

Artificial food can never taste great right? It can look good however. Come to Japan. Alternately visit fakefoodjapan to understand what we mean.

Faux food as it is also known made its way into the rest of the world with time.

It was earlier used to display foods in restaurants. Japanese fake food is popular these days all over the world. It originated in Japan.

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Meanwhile, let us tell you that fake foods are used not just in restaurant displays.

Japanese display fake food or food models are used as food props.

These artistically crafted displays are luring. It is cleverly deployed by restaurant owners to attract customers into the restaurant.

Outside the window, through the glass, visitors can see the display and decide whether to eat here or not. While ordering they can simply point out the plate which they would want.

Isn’t that easy and nice? It’s like being courteous to the customer by helping him choose. And when you see jumbo prawns in the form of tempura, wouldn’t your mouth water?

Hop on over and enjoy the real food now.

This is what the restaurant owners seem to say.

There is no restriction it seems to what can be made into a fake food. Almost anything can be replicated. The artists have found ways to give shape to their creativity. They are incredibly talented. In their studios, they toil to create that perfect looking spinach or lettuce.

Kids and tourists alike can wonder at how these real looking stuffs are made.

One needs close observation skills.

How does a lettuce leaf appear wrinkled?

How does a capsicum appear so deep green when fresh?

How does meat look when it’s cooked?   

With every detail in their mind they set out to work. They are works of art used variously as food props, food models and replica food.

Enjoy the making of these fake foods and see how they bring a smile to your face.

It is worthwhile investing money into this business as fake food is pretty expensive. They are made once to last forever.

Would you not like to hold an egg that you almost want to pop into your mouth?

Why would you not like the sight of a pretty, dainty dish?

This is how people are lured into a restaurant at the sight of beautiful dishes on display.

Faux food models are used as stand by in restaurants to let the customer know what is available in the menu.

Plastic food is popular in movie industry. It is used frequently to replace real food items. Some food items are really expensive like foie gras. Directors prefer to use something that resembles foie gras. It will save him much money that he can use elsewhere. On stage, actors are required to eat at tables. The real food may not be feasible.